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Created: Date 2018-04-10
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I want to start this editorial with a "HUGE" and very enthusiastic "CONGRATULATIONS" to all of our new selectees. I encourage all to attend the ceremonies in your area as it will show our Community’s unity, let the selectee know they have an entire professional support group behind them and your presence will assure the Officer’s family that their loved one made an excellent decision to become a "Mustang". If that last statement did not motivate you to attend the ceremony, then let me state it like this: put yourself in the selectee’s position and think about how you would feel not being supported by the Community you joined.

Created: Date 2018-02-01
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I hope all had a chance to enjoy the holiday period with loved ones and/or with people you enjoy being around. I also hope your batteries have been recharged and you are ready to continue tackling the challenges we face as a community in addition to the challenges of your assigned billet with renewed enthusiasm.

2017 was a busy year that had some long standing projects come to fruition or close to being completed but also a year of significant changes. We changed sponsors from RADM White to RADM Cozad in August. You got a new OCM in May, a new CWO OCM in August and lost the assistant OCM (LT Holly Taylor). I am still answering the phone from individuals looking for LT Taylor validating the impact she made on the fleet during her tenure. The torch was passed to us from those that continuously fought to improve our community and make it "relevant". It is up to us to live up to the lofty expectations of not only the title but of the responsibility of taking care of all LDO/CWOs.

Created: Date 2017-12-14
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I recently returned from attending the LDO/CWO Board of Directors (BOD) meeting in Pensacola. I am sure there are many in our community that don’t even know we have a BOD or if they are aware of one probably have no idea about what they do. I was once in that category so I thought it would be prudent to share some history and what transpired during our recent BOD.

Prior to 2010 the LDO/CWO community would send their senior leaders (CAPT/CWO5) from each designator to Millington for a Senior Leadership Conference to discuss community matters. Due to fiscal cuts, the Leadership Conference was disbanded and the LDO/CWO BOD was born. The BOD makeup consists of our Silver Eagle (President), Head LDO/CWO OCM (Vice President), SWON, CWO OCM and the NUC OCM. Additional members are senior leaders from each competitive category (surface, sub/nuc, aviation, general line and staff, IWC (CWO5 only due to having no control grade work for LDOs) and special interest (female representation if absent as a senior leader and spec warfare). This makeup ensures equal representation across all Competitive Categories.

Created: Date 2017-09-02
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Farewell RADM White! Sir, on behalf of all LDOs and CWOs (active and retired) who have had the honor to serve under your leadership, I say thanks for your guidance and support, Fair Winds and Following Seas. Welcome aboard to our new LDO/CWO sponsor, RADM Cozad. We look forward to your assistance and guidance. I had the opportunity to brief RADM Cozad at the end of August. He is a big fan of our community and is genuinely interested in our health and sustainability. He understands the direction we are going with Officer Sustainability Initiative and how that will change the way we promote two years from now. He also understands our current initiatives and challenges in certain designators. My goal is to keep RADM Cozad well informed and involved in shaping our community.

Created: Date 2017-03-15
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First of all Congrats to the new LDO (274) and CWO (196) Selects. This is always a special time of the year as we all know the LDO and CWO results are the first of a long board season. The biggest thing you can do is prepare yourselves for the next level and PAY-IT-FORWARD. Share your knowledge and it’s never too early to pave the way for your relief. BZ!!!!

Created: Date 2017-01-11
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The anxiety is always high this time of the year. We just rolled back from the holidays and move right into the board season. We have taken several calls from officers frustrated that they were either in or below zone. Some folks just want a little more time and others just can't wait. In preparation for the board season LT Holly Taylor has put out a lot of good gouge on various subjects. The range from how to update your record to how to read a zone list which have all been posted on Facebook page and will be on our website. These articles were generated from questions from the fleet. If you are curious JUST ASK.

Created: Date 2016-11-21
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In our travels, questions about mentorship come up quite often. We are seeing a very large population at our briefs of Third and Second Class Petty Officers. That is where mentorship is exceling right now. The difficulties we are seeing on the road have more to do with the mentorship of the senior First Class and Chief Petty Officers. We have to be consistent on our mentorship across all pay grades. 

I would submit that mentoring a Third Class on the “way ahead” is way different than mentoring an 11+ year First Class. Obviously one has years to formulate their path and the other has already formed a culture of success, or not, in their path. Be sure you know the difference. Understand if you have a 12 year First Class or 18 year Senior Chief you really have 2 years at best to guide them through the process.

Created: Date 2016-09-19
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Mentoring and Counseling happens 7 days a week and 365 days out of the year. It is imperative that we
are honest, sincere and to the point. We will undoubtedly fail our shipmates if we say what they want to
hear versus what is realistic.

No limitation on Above Zone (AZ) selections. If an individual has time to zone a second
time and is on course be careful what you say. The LDO AZ results this year showed 0
CAPTs, 11 CDRs and 12 LCDRs. The CWO AZ results this year showed 4 CWO5s and 15
CWO4s. AZ selections have increased over the years but have always existed. The board
guidance is BEST and FULLY QUALIFIED. That’s been the rules forever.

Board results out this time of the year are both exciting and disappointing. The advice we provide our
officers has to be timely and correct. When we provide Failure of Selection (FOS) counseling keep it
simple and find out what they are missing or the commonalities in all the selects. If you have any
questions about advising an officer…Call their respective detailers. The detailers are their career
counselors and have the most current

Created: Date 2016-05-01
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Commissioning, Change of Commands and Retirements

A commissioning ceremony is a time honored tradition regardless of commissioning source. It's an opportunity to visit with a newly commissioned officer as well as their respective families. The family is so proud and it's a great mentoring opportunity on Day 1 Hour 1. If ever you lose faith in what drove you to get a commission…attend a commissioning ceremony.

Created: Date 2016-03-01
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As we hit the road to begin our recruiting season, we will provide specifics on many of the articles listed in this addition. Every LDO and CWO must realize that your OCM team continues the work of creating and maintaining sustainable designators. In many cases creating a sustainable LDO designator does not leave enough work to maintain a sustainable CWO counterpart. An example of this is the phasing out of the Security CWO to support the increased demand for more senior Security LDOs. On the flip side, the Oceanography LDOs will be phased out as the technical demand for Oceanography CWOs is where the current demand signal is leading us. In all cases, my office will maintain career progression opportunities through funding billets necessary to maintain promotions or through lateral transfer into designators that can provide for continued career progression.
Created: Date 2016-01-01
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The OCMs are in full travel mode. Hopefully we will be in your area soon. Our schedule is in flux but will provide updates as they firm up. The going in approach is that we visit major fleet concentration areas every year and remote locations every two years. We just completed our first visit of the year to Rota, SP and Naples, IT. It was my first visit to Rota in 33 years and what a great place to be stationed. A special thanks to PSD OIC LCDR Rivera and YNCM (SS) Rivera for making our visit a success. After a short stay in Rota our travels dropped us off at Naples, IT and special thanks to NCCS(SW) DelaRosa and Naples Chief’s mess for being such gracious hosts. It was an absolute pleasure.
Created: Date 2015-12-01
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This seems like a pretty straightforward question but really how do you prepare? Every seasoned O6/O5/O4/W5 will steer you center of the channel BUT some go at 10 KTs, 15 KTs and yes 350KTs. If you’re a guy or gal that moves at 350 KTs you might want to start earlier so you don’t miss something. Is one approach better than the other? I can tell you that there is NO big secret BUT many common items to look at. While discussing this I will use the FY16 LCDR Line results, but this is applicable to all boards. And a big thing to remember is that we are all really good, but we all end up in the CRUNCH!!!

Created: Date 2015-09-02
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What are Off Ramp Communities and why do we have them?

In 2010 during the LDO Officer Sustainability Initiative (OSI) it was determined LDOs in the IDC and Supply communities would off-ramp to respective Restricted Line (RL) Communities. The desired end state was to create stable RL and Staff Corps communities through the accession of LDOs and transition to the RL and Staff designators. This created a more diversified control grade inventory, while simultaneously eliminating inventory to billet mismatches.

Created: Date 2015-07-01
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I've been asked several times: "How to transition to the wardroom?" First, and foremost there is no simple answer because no two LDO's or CWO's backgrounds are the same. So I will focus on some simple rules that I've either been taught or have learned over the years.

Created: Date 2015-05-01
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The last several months we have traveled to Naples, Bahrain, Jacksonville, Mayport, Kings Bay and culminated with a Board of Directors (BOD) Leadership

Off-site in Pensacola. A common concern throughout our travels was the future of Naval Security Forces (NSF) and their new career path. If you are a Security LDO or CWO (6490/7491), any and all changes or modifications to your career path will be promulgated via Navy Message or NAVADMIN. A future career path brief was provided for situational awareness and should be viewed as such. The problem with running ahead of any official guidance is you may be working off DRAFT #1 or #21. Either way you may not have the whole picture; so while providing mentorship to future Mustangs we need to be current. The FY-17 Active Duty LDO and CWO In-service Procurement Board NAVADMIN is 156/15 (DTG 061959Z JUL 15). It is prudent that we understand our current requirements.

Created: Date 2015-03-01
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Well the OCM shop has been on the road quite a bit this last 2 months. We’ve had an opportunity to meet solid candidates and constituents alike. It is truly the best part of the job. Remember for our briefs it’s about who shows up and more importantly who doesn’t. This is the biggest problem I see on our visits. Over these trips there are two trips that stand out.

Created: Date 2015-01-01
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If you mentored a Sailor that was not selected let’s provide some solid feedback and get them back in the game for this year. In a recent trip to Guam/Hawaii, I was refreshed to see a lot of E-5’s at our recruiting briefs. It’s not too early to start preparing our reliefs. Unfortunately, many of them did not have active mentors which got resolved before we left both islands. PLEASE… get the word out that spouses are encouraged to attend either the recruiting or Community Retention/Career Management briefs. We had several spouses attend in Hawaii and I’m absolutely positive it was beneficial to their families. If POC’s in geographical areas desire a spouse brief after normal work hours let us know. We will accommodate.

Created: Date 2014-11-01
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Since becoming the OCM, I have had the opportunity to visit many ships, regions, and installations. During those visits I have had similar conversations over and over with senior leaders, both within and outside our community. The main topic of discussion is Mustang Pride?

The professionalism on display by LDOs and CWOs around the Navy would make anyone proud to be a Mustang. That’s the good, but let me share the bad. Have you heard or ever said, "I did it the hard way, I earned it"? Over the years I have come to appreciate how shortsighted it is to make this statement or include it in commissioning, promotion, or retirement programs.

Here’s why: The odds are that the senior officers you pay your respects to every day with a "Yes, Sir" or "Yes, Ma’am" kind of thinks they earned it as well. Your pride may be well-deserved, but if it places you above others it’s probably something you should revisit.

Created: Date 2012-08-01
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August was a busy month and we found ourselves on the road for several days as we continued to provide the road show community and applicant briefs to those commands that requested our presence. We attended the SEAL conference in San Diego to discuss the CWO SEAL community future and we had a great visit. We also traveled all the way to Guam to visit the base and submarine tenders, and received a great showing and support while there. We had to rush back to Millington to prepare and brief the Chief of Naval Personnel, VADM Van Buskirk, on the LDO & CWO Sustainability Initiative on 27 September. The CNP was very receptive to the work being done and has asked for further follow-up by the N13 (RADM Kurta) and NPC (RADM Covell) to the Enterprise Flag Officers and their manpower shops on where we are headed with the correcting of our pyramids and building a more viable and sustainable LDO & CWO community.