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Created: Date 2013-10-01
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Congratulations to our newest CWO5, CWO4 and CWO3 selects!  Wear it proudly and remember, “you’re always on parade” on or off duty.  I would also like to extend my most heartfelt condolences to the families of  CWO4(select) Gary M. Garber, CWO4(select) Kristina L. Seitzinger and CDR (Ret) Mike Newton  who recently passed away.  Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.     

In the past few weeks we have received many questions about the LDO/CWO In-Service Procurement board process.  LDOs and CWOs are selected for appointment by In-Service Procurement Selection Boards.  A board is convened each January for approximately 3 weeks.  Results are normally released to the Fleet via NAVADMIN early March.  In addition to senior LDOs and CWOs, board membership includes officers of the line and various staff corps to allow the senior member of the board to establish internal panels with a good knowledge of the requirements of each occupational specialty.  Each member of the board is sworn to select the best qualified candidates without prejudice or partiality.  If you are interested in serving on a selection board as a member or recorder, contact your Detailer

Created: Date 2013-11-01
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 Happy belated Thanksgiving to all!  Accession planning for the FY-15 Active Duty In-service Procurement Board is in full swing.  Many thanks to the Senior LDO/CWO Leadership Group, Board of Directors, Detailers and community managers across all designators for assisting with the Discrete Requirement updates.       

This month I would like to highlight “Zones”, as in, "Promotion zone", or "in zone", which consists of those officers who have not previously been considered for promotion for the next higher grade and who are eligible for promotion by virtue of their relative seniority within their competitive category, based on lineal number.  LDOs are currently grouped in one of two competitive categories, line or staff, independent of specific designator.  CWOs compete in one competitive group.   The senior officer in the promotion zone is the "senior in zone", and the junior officer in that zone is the "junior in zone".  The promotion zone is the foundation of the promotion plan.  Individual designator promotion statistics are generated after each board is concluded and these are then posted online; however individual designators are not used for determination of the zone or who will compete for promotion prior to the board.  Later this month the NOTICE OF CONVENING FY-15 NAVY ACTIVE DUTY PROMOTION SELECTION BOARDS NAVADMIN will be released.  That NAVADMIN will identify which officers are truly “in zone” for promotion.   Once that NAVADMIN hits the streets, I highly recommend sitting down with your chain of command and/or mentor(s) for clarification.

Created: Date 2013-12-01
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Happy New Year from Millington!  I trust that everyone had a great Christmas and New Year Holiday break and are in the process of catching up as you charge into 2014.  Please don't forget about those who are deployed these holidays and keep them and their families in your prayers......THANK YOU ALL!!!!  For the LDO/CWO shop, as it is every year at this time, it has been a busy couple of months with accession and promotion planning.   Our annual selection board will begin 8 January 2014 and we will anxiously await the release of the message to see the selectees that will join us in the greatest community in the Navy - the Mustang community.  I wish the best of luck to all the applicants!       

As with the previous years, it appears that the 2014 travel budget has been hit hard.  Unfortunately, this will limit our annual Road Show briefs.  As funding becomes available, and we can find various sponsors to help allocate funds for our travel in the Fleet, we will hit the road as soon as possible providing our community health and applicant briefs.  

Created: Date 2014-01-01
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 Earlier today the Chief of Naval Personnel formally approved (in writing) our Sustainability Initiative!  A quick BLUF of what this means to you:  
- Without Board Action (WOBA) re-designation for Information Dominance Corps (IDC) and Supply Corps LDOs.  “WOBA is authorized for IDC and Supply Corps LDO lieutenant commanders, commanders and captains on a case-by-case basis.  WOBAs may be executed as necessary across the future years defense plan (FY15-FY19), to support the Limited Duty Officer and Chief Warrant Officer Sustainability Initiative.”  

- Authority to continue working with OPNAV N12 on planned billet shifts beginning FY-15.

Created: Date 2014-02-01
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As mentioned in last month’s Lariat, RADM White assumed LDO/CWO Community Flag Sponsor.  To view RADM White’s bio, cut/paste the hyperlink into your browser: With my upcoming retirement, the rest of the OCM team will remain in place for at least another year.  Any reliefs will be handpicked to ensure they share the same philosophies and vision of the current staff to ensure we keep the Mustang community moving forward.   
Hearty congratulations to our new LDO and CWO selectees.  I remember so clearly the day I got the word – it is completely life changing for you and your family.  The pleasant surprise will be just how much better your life will become now that you have earned the right to be called a Navy Mustang.  Welcome to the greatest community in the Navy!  
As of this writing we are getting deep into our recruiting drive and community engagement through our road-show briefs.  This is an extremely busy time for the community as we spread the word and the vision of the Mustang community.  Please make an effort to come see us when we come to your AOR and bring your superstars to the Applicant brief.   See you in the Fleet!

Created: Date 2014-03-01
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First and foremost, it is with a heavy heart that I acknowledge the passing of another great Mustang.  For those of you not aware, Commander John Regelbrugge III, lost his life in the Snohomish County landslide that occurred in Washington State on March 25th. His body was recovered days later by family members, but at last word the body of his wife, Kris, is still missing.  They are survived by their 5 children; 3 sons and 2 daughters.
The “Brief Your Relief” powerpoint presentation is now posted to the LDO/CWO Community Manager webpage.  This short slide deck will assist greatly when discussing our program with applicant’s one on one or via command wide brief.  Cut/paste the link into your browser to view:  
Sustainability Update:  888 billets were successfully loaded into the Total Force Manpower Management System by Navy Manpower Analysis Center last week.  These billet changes will be phased, beginning with FY15 (1 Oct 2014).  The remaining billets not included in the initial load will be adjudicated and effected via Billet Change Requests.
We will be in DC this week to update CNP (VADM Moran) on our Sustainability Initiative.  This will be our first brief to him since he took the helm.  We are making real progress, but we still have much more work to do.          

Best of luck to all Lieutenants “In Zone” for Lieutenant Commander!

Created: Date 2014-04-01
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Our Sustainability Initiative brief to CNP (VADM Moran) a couple weeks ago was a huge success.  CNP is onboard and we continue to move ahead.  Keep track of our progress via the timeline on page 4.   
LDOs that wish to lateral transfer out must have at least 6 years of commissioned service, regardless of how your current designator is manned.  Please understand that we take not just the current health of the community into account, but we must look out to the projected future health as well.