R 271500Z APR 17

ALNAV 023/17



RMKS/1.  I am pleased to announce the following Line Officers on the Reserve 
Active-Status List for permanent promotion to the grade of Captain.

2.  This message is not authority to deliver appointments.  Authority to 
effect promotion will normally be issued by future NAVADMINS requiring 
NAVPERS 1421/7 preparation and forwarding of document to PERS-806.

3.  Frocking is not authorized for any Officer listed below until specific 
authorization is received per SECNAVINST 1420.2A.

4.  For proper alphabetical order, read from left to right on each line.
The numbers following each name to the right indicate the relative seniority 
among selectees within each competitive category.  Members are directed to 
verify their select status via BUPERS Online.

                             Unrestricted Line
Adams James Glenn            0061  Asmann Robert Edward         0041
Bantell Frank Joseph         0042  Barnett Paul A               0033
Bearden Jeffrey Todd         0031  Blanchette Stuart H          0023
Boland Lane A                0001  Bowen David E                0046
Burdeaux Robert C            0002  Burleson Randy Joe II        0049
Caro Isel                    0022  Chin Michael                 0037
Dalve Peter James            0009  Darcy Michael John           0059
Evans Zachary J              0053  Everage Stephen Alan         0055
Finney Patrick William       0043  Fitzsimmons Scott P          0062
Germann Matthew I            0007  Gerstemeier Robert C         0012
Giracca Brian James          0025  Goff Steven C                0048
Goss Abigail Donato          0052  Greenwood Elizabeth L        0045
Gruen Jonathan Deupree       0060  Hammond Mark Alan            0029
Hannum Jared Michael         0021  Harrison Wallace T           0035
Hawkins Matthew A            0030  Hayes Travis W               0024
Herrell Russell Allen        0027  Holmgren William             0032
Hooks Bryan M                0018  Jensen Poul Henning          0015
Komasz Jeremy Mark           0050  Koopman Cordell Robert       0057
Krauss Suzanne J             0047  Kuba Charles D               0019
Lange Trever L               0004  Langlie David Michael        0064
Lohan Michael Patrick        0051  Lundahl David C Jr           0054
Mackey Reginald L            0038  Melvin Stephen Robert        0056
Meyer Perry Dean             0036  Ouellette John Emmett        0011
Patterson Scott M            0005  Pavlyak Gregory Kurt         0016
Perez Mauricio               0028  Pihl Eric Robert             0063
Rakov Christopher A          0058  Ritchey Matthew R            0020
Rockwell Brad W              0008  Roth Jarret Louis            0014
Schaller Paul M              0006  Sherman Archible W           0013
Shin Daniel Minsok           0017  Siebenhaar Adrian            0034
Slayman Christopher T        0010  Smith David Jeffrey          0044
Sullivan William M           0039  Walton William L Jr          0040
Wiley Thomas James IV        0026  Williams Charles C           0003
                           Unrestricted Line (FTS)
Boland Todd M                0007  Booker Dewuan L              0015
Bruemer Todd Michael         0004  Christensen John S           0001
Collins John Patrick V       0013  Crowe Mark Etheredge         0006
Glaze George F               0005  Grant Jeffrey Thomas         0016
Hanson Michael J             0014  Hayes James Andrew           0012
Mccabe William J             0017  Morillo Reinaldo Jose        0003
Ott Kanan Christopher        0009  Parker Barry Robert          0008
Sheakley Brian J             0002  Sticht Jason W               0011
Swindle Kail C               0010
                    Special Duty Officer (Human Resources)
Allen Kathleen A             0001  Frye Christopher
                 Special Duty Officer (Human Resources) (FTS)
Bayungan Anthony L           0001  Lacy Tasya Y                 0003
Leachman Michael A           0002
                            Engineering Duty Officer
Boydon Juanito F Jr          0005  Monaghan Michael J           0002
Muchow Dana M                0006  Richman Michael Scott        0003
Roman Elmer Luis             0004  Thadhani Suresh K            0001
               Aerospace Engineering Duty Officer (Engineering)
Denihan Shawn Grant          0002  Runyon Chad A                0001
               Aerospace Engineering Duty Officer (Maintenance)
Askew Kelvin Jerome          0002  Berry Erika Lyn              0001
           Aerospace Engineering Duty Officer (Maintenance) (FTS)
Osborne Bruce E              0001
                  Special Duty Officer (Public Affairs)
Murphy Colette Mary          0002  Robinson John A III          0001
             Special Duty Officer (Strategic Sealift Officer)
Anderson Nathan Robert       0014  Bice Randall Lyle            0004
Gavigan Daniel Patrick       0010  Hartman William J            0013
Herndon Stanley Percy        0012  Hughes Robert E              0011
Liu Eric Richard             0002  Madsen Kurt Brian            0001
Martin Kai Stuart            0008  Pynemercier Dolores J        0003
Robson Daniel Gerard         0006  Tynan Erik T                 0007
Valletta Roberto             0009  Yim Jodie Meilynn C          0005
                  Special Duty Officer (Oceanography)
Schneck Adria Rae            0001
              Special Duty Officer (Cryptologic Warfare)
Ponce Mary Antoinette        0001  Reed Brian K                 0002
            Special Duty Officer (Information Professional)
Mahelona Ryan K              0001  Notz Philip Lawrence         0002
                  Special Duty Officer (Intelligence)
Bailey Joseph T              0012  Bauer Marcus P               0007
Biziorek Raymond K           0013  Bothwell Heather M           0002
Bunner Stanley A             0003  Garrant Edward Charles       0010
Garry John B                 0001  Gilligan Richard Brian       0005
Jackson Robert Eugene        0008  Moore Kerry Duan             0009
Rigazzi William Andrew       0004  Rough Jill Allyson           0011
Settelmayer Gregory B        0006  Stefani Jonpaul              0014
                     Limited Duty Officer (Line)
Shaieb David W               0001

5.  Released by Sean J. Stackley, Acting Secretary of the Navy.//